New integration alert : Trello!

We're back by popular demand with the integration of a new app: Trello!

Trello is a must-have for tech leads using the Kanban methodology to organize their sprints (Don't worry, it is also great when being Agile!). Keypup is a friendly assistant for tech leads to manage the dev team’s work more efficiently. It provides a more organized view of the activities, allows to automate actions related to PRs and issues, and gives back time to the developers. Keypup works on top of your beloved apps - it just makes the dev world clearer and automated. We have already integrated Jira, ClickUp, Slack... and there are more to come!

Our Trello integration allows you to import project management data directly into Keypup and to easily link cards to pull requests to get better visibility on what is getting resolved and when pull requests are due. Here's a little explanation on what data is collected and how you can set up Trello in your Keypup account.

#data-control we NEVER update data automatically in third-party applications. Updates in third-party applications are ONLY performed under your control via remote actions. See the section below "What remote actions can you perform?".

What data do we retrieve?

Our Trello integration fetches the following entities:

  • Comments: used for display in the dashboard aggregated with all other comments and discussions from all other apps. All in one place for a consistent global visibility.
  • Cards: used for display and auto-linking to pull requests.
  • Labels: used for display in the dashboard. Labels on issues are also automatically applied on related pull requests.
  • Lists: lists are retrieved and displayed as labels list: <list_name> in Keypup.

What remote actions can you perform?

Our Trello integration allows you to perform the following remote actions from the dashboard:

  • Quick reply on cards: it is possible to comment on a card directly from the Priority inbox, either directly on the card or via the activity feed when a card is nested under a pull request. Call that a time saver! (plus again, keeping data/comments consistent across all other apps).

How often do we refresh data?

Updates from Trello are received in real-time via webhooks.

If for any reason we are unable to setup real-time updates on Trello - e.g. the user who connected Trello has limited admin permissions in Trello - then we revert to long polling data every 10 minutes.

Whenever possible, we recommend connecting Trello as an admin to get the best experience.

How to link Trello cards to pull requests?

Simply use the URL of a Trello card in your pull request title or description.

Example of a Trello card

Example of a Trello card

E.g. linking via pull request description

This is my PR description.

If it's the first time you’ve heared from us, have a look here or there to get a better picture of what Keypup does and how you can join a growing community of hundreds of developers who decided to simplify their coding.

To put it simply, we help tech leads and developers to configure, follow up and automate their development items by providing a clear view of pull requests and issues. Because at the end of the day, we know it's hard to find the balance between efficient team work and sufficient work time. We are developers ourselves 

#Update: Keypup just launched the Agile board! It is a visual way to follow the progress of issues and pull requests across all your usual tools, individually or as a team. Unlike Trello or JIRA, there is no need to move cards - the board is automatically updated based on the status of items. Discover the Agile board.

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