Remote actions - one click to control them all!

Ok, let’s roll up our sleeves: how about we get things done?

We are introducing remote actions from Keypup. We are developers ourselves, but we are lazy developers too! So we worked hard to work less - makes sense right ? At Keypup, we put the code first. We tried to simplify the development process as much as possible by offering innovative tools.

Your priority inbox already gives you an overview of the important items you are working on....but wouldn't it be nice to action items directly from Keypup so that in one click you can trigger actions in all your connected tools at once?

Well, this is just what we've done! This new feature gives you the ability to merge pull requests in GitHub or GitLab as well as comment on items in apps directly (GitHub, GitLab, JIRA or Clickup), all of that from the one place at once.

Let’s have a look at how it works

Quick reply on items

Who’s got the time to communicate on thousands of platforms at the same time ? Nobody! With Keypup, you can comment on items (PRs and issues) directly from your priority inbox! Whatever you write will automatically be added in the discussions of the tools you use. And you still get to see all discussions items in the one place in your Keypup dashboard (no more need to follow 3 different streams of discussion in Jira, Github and else in parallel!)

Isn’t this delightfully lazy?

Priority inbx overview

This quick reply feature is compatible with PRs which are auto-linked to issues. Commenting on the unified feed will comment on the PR itself, while commenting on an item-specific feed will create a comment in the remote system this issue belongs to (e.g. JIRA).

quick reply on item

On top of that, you can also choose to start specific discussions. You want to discuss the issue #4 of that particular PR in Jira? No problem!

Merge pull requests straight from the Review & Merge Board

Our second main tool, the Review & Merge Board, provides the capacity of merging your pull requests in one click. Items flagged as "Merge" in your review & merge board can now be merged directly from Keypup! No need to navigate to GitHub or GitLab to do so!

Just click on the merge button in your Review & Merge Board....

merge pull request

...and voila!


Just imagine what it can do for you - the one tool to control them all! This release is the first in a long series of features allowing you to take actions in your systems straight from Keypup, and save even more time! So Keypup with the next features to come!

What do you think of this? Comment, share and feel free to tell us what you want to see on Keypup ! Wait, you don’t have a Keypup account yet? Let’s start here - you are just a few seconds away from an easier life!

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