Keypup is live

You're a developer and you've been waiting a long time for this little helper that could make your day easier. Well, the wait is over, and Keypup is about to become your best friend! Meet the first ever virtual assistant for developers, that handles all the admin tasks of your busy workday for you.


Say goodbye to all pesky notifications

Yes, you are plenty busy. Probably juggling many projects at the same time, a few colleagues involved, clients or managers needing everything by yesterday morning and all these "little changes" that need to be done.

You are definitely a dev!

And to top it all up, you use a few tools like Github, Gitlab or Bitbucket. A bit of Jira maybe? And all these pretties send you random notifications left, right and center that you try your hardest to prioritize or to simply ignore so that you can maintain the little bit of sanity you have left.

Well. We get it.

We actually get it so much that we created Keypup for you. And Keypup is simple: our app sorts out all that mess for you. No more unclassified notifications, lengthy lists of changes, pull requests to review, incomplete merge. No - more. Ever.

Keypup is a centralized platform where you get all these annoying notifications in the one place, but - and it's a pretty big BUT - automatically sorted for you. How? By looking at the criticality of each of the pull requests you are involved with. Due yesterday? High priority. Security item? High priority. Little sentence in the T&C's needing re-aligned? Definitely low priority.

Think Priority Inbox (that's actually the name of this product), a bit like the one implemented by Gmail, but applied to your dev system notifications.

Yes, Keypup can do that for you. And the best is, it gathers all the discussions you have on your various systems in the one, chronological feed. No need to juggle between tools to get the full picture. It is there for you!

Review and merge made simple

Do you looooove reviewing pull requests? You do? Really? Please send us your name - you are a rare kind!

But if you belong to the vast majority that finds it annoying, then you will love this side of Keypup.

We aggregate all the pull requests you are involved in reviewing in the one place. And what's even better? We tell you in advance if it will take you long to review, or if it's a quick win, that will unlock your colleagues and allow everyone to move on. Yes we can!

Your smart Keypup buddy will tell you the state of readiness of all PRs in one glance in your Review and Merge Board. You do not need to do any follow up or digging around anymore. Yep yep, just that.

The best is yet to come

Because good is never good enough until awesomeness is reached, we have plenty coming up. For starters, we are working on the birth of our very own little Bot, that will literally act as your assistant. This way, you won't even need to open our platform anymore.


You will receive daily digests summarizing your priorities for the day. Where? By mail if you want, but also on Slack - like your very own personal assistant.

And of course, little Bot will grow. And learn. And grow. So that eventually you can interact with him to get him to do these boring tasks you don't want to do: automatically merge a PR for you, move cards into your Agile planning tool. And more, much more. But that's to come.

Because for now, Keypup needs you to grow. How? Simple - just give it a go and see if it helps you. As more and more of you will use it, Keypup will learn and will be provided with more features, so that one day (not too far!) Keybot really is like an assistant that you can rely on and instructs to do all your admin work.

What's currently working with Keypup

This version is our Alpha. Keypup integrates with Github and Gitlab. Very soon, Jira will also be integrated, so that you can see your project management info in Keypup as well.

Early next year, Keypup will become truly interactive. You will be able to input into your various tools from Keypup directly. See a pull request ready to merge? Just click the button on Keypup and your pull request will be automatically merged for you where it needs to be.

A comment to do on a PR? Just type it in Keypup and our app will distribute the data at the right place for the right person.

You want to be kept updated on how Keypup is growing? Super easy, just register your email address on our homepage. We promise, no spam (we're working to reduce your overall system spamming after all, so it's not to add some more!). But news on the latest releases.

Free to be free

Yep. Keypup is a little game-changer in the making that is here to help you. And all we need is for you to be super satisfied. That's all. Really.

So, Keypup is entirely free. No complicated terms, hidden fees or else. Yours. Free. Simple. For more information, please check out our pricing policy.

Help us help you

We are passionate devs ourselves. Just fed up with our daily life getting so complicated because of all the streams of work, people involved and systems not helping us see clearly through it all. That's why we have created and launched Keypup.

It's not perfect yet - it's only the Alpha version. But we have a great network of supporters, a super sexy roadmap and plenty of ideas on how we would like to see our daily work life run.

But as we say, the more the merrier. You have any idea you would like to share, don't hesitate to write us a little note on . Want to try the service? Please please do! The more feedback the better to help Keypup from its little Alpha stage to a truly loveable, useful buddy.

We thank you in advance and are so looking forward to working with you all!

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