Keypup is now integrated with Jira!

The Keypup toolbox keeps growing. After having integrated with both Github and Gitlab (and providing some pretty neat, life-easing features), and having released our beloved virtual assistant Keybot, we are now super pleased to present you our latest integration with Jira.

Cool? Well, we think it's actually super cool. Why? Because this is the end of the back-and-forth between your repo and your project management tool (Jira in this case, but wait - there is more coming! You'll have to scroll all the way down to know more...), the end of not knowing which issues in Jira are covered by which pull requests in our dev World, the end of disconnected discussions on different platforms (yes, you read that right - we aggregate all the discussions from the repos and Jira in the one feed for each pull request),  the end of... well - that's already a good start don't you think?

Jira- Quick comments

"And how do I simplify my life like this" you ask me? Fairly simple. You link your Jira account to your Keypup account and you let our auto-linking match the Jira issues to your pull requests to get actual due dates and combined discussion feeds. That simple.

Wait? You don't have a Keypup account? It's a 2-second job, and gives you your best Dev buddy free for life. Just take a peek here, and start simplifying your days. [End of advertising, promise - let's get back to the cool stuff]

By the way, our JIRA integration follows the integration convention that already exists for GitHub and GitLab. So if you already have JIRA connected to one of these systems then you probably won't have to do anything to benefit from this integration on Keypup!

Getting started and linking issues

In order to connect JIRA, just head to Settings > Company and connect JIRA in your Keypup platform:

Jira- connect app

The next screen will confirm the JIRA project you wish to import. In most cases you will only have one. Just select your main project and click import.

Jira- Connect project

That's it! Done, finished, terminado - you have just unified your Jira data flow with your Github or Gitlab data flow. (You can go tell the boss, they will surely give you a promotion for that!).

You can now follow the normal auto-linking rules to link your pull requests to JIRA issues. Keypup will take care of the rest!

Assuming your JIRA issue as the key ISS-123, you can auto-link your PR to this issue by:

  • Adding ISS-123 or [ISS-123] in your pull request title
  • Adding Closes ISS-123 or Closes https://<instance-name> in the description of your pull request

Note that you can link multiple issues to a single pull request. For example:

  • Add [ISS-123][ISS-123] in your pull request title
  • Add Closes ISS-XXX multiple times in your pull request description

From there Keypup will automatically combine items (pull request + issue), infer the due date (specific issue due date or JIRA sprint due date) of your pull request and combine activity feeds!

The result will look something like that in your Keypup platform:

Jira- Priority Inbox activity

More PM tools are coming

Remember how Keybot said he was growing up fast to be your very own Dev assistant? (If not you can always click here so that you will know - it would be nice for him, he gets moody when people ignore him!).

Well, same goes for the whole of Keypup and the integrations we are working hard to provide you with. We know Project Management tools are important to you (and to your beloved - or else, but we don't go into company politics - PM), and that's why Jira is only the first of the PM tools we are integrating.

More will come in the coming months, so keep and eye on us, and we'll be sure to let you know when they are here!

Try Keypup now !

(It's totally free)

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