Keybot is born!

Hello, my name is Keybot. I am pleased to meet you. You are a developer and I am your new best friend - I will help you daily by simply communicating with you by email or on Slack to help you navigate your priorities. Want to know more? Read below, and see how I will become soon your very own virtual assistant!


I know your priorities and will remind you daily

I am connected directly to your Keypup platform. From there, I can see what your priorities are for today, tomorrow, next week and even further. My engine uses the Keypup engine, that helps sort out all your Pull Requests, your merge reviews and more.


You can see everything the Keypup platform does for you here. It is quite a clever platform that helps you drive through the complexity of your multiple projects, pull requests, reviews, interactions within your team all at once and automatically.

As for me, I am a simple way to see everything at a glance either in a daily mail digest, or as a private Slack chat.

In the morning, I will send you a very short digest of your most urgent priorities, and the reason why I know it's urgent - either because of the due date of an item, or because of its criticality. Of course, you will see all of that in the digest, and you will also see what course of action I recommend you take.


I am growing up fast

This is only my very first iteration. I am the alpha version as they say. But I surely am growing fast. Very soon, I will be able to fully interact with you. You will be able to ask me questions about anything and everything, but mostly about your current developments.

I'll be able to point you at the right information, to highlight key challenges that you are facing at the moment, to retrieve information from you on the Keypup platform and on the tools connected to the platform. I'll be a really cool teenager.

When I am a young adult, I will be able to help you sort out your most urgent activities, I will also be able to act for you on your request. Convenient hey? You can't be bothered with merging a green-built pull request? I'll do it for you when you tell me. I'll complete the merge, move the cards around in your Agile system and handle the admin and the communication to let your teammates know the job is done. If you're not happy with a PR review, you'll tell me and I'll take charge of posting your review, the status and letting others know there's more work to do. I'll also update for you your progress update in Jira for instance.


These are only a few examples of what I'll do for you. I told you, I'll be your very own personal virtual assistant. And I'm always there for you!

Growing up requires friends

Growing up is not always easy, let alone at the speed I am. But the cool thing is when there are friends around, you always feel much better.

I don't need much from you, and certainly not money. I am totally free, like Keypup. I was created by developers who are so passionate about coding, but so frustrated with all the admin tasks surrounding the actual job! They just want all of the devs to be able to create, and create more, without the annoying notifications, or having to spend time digging around to update systems or perform the right action.

I just need your love. I hope you will try me. You know I am just an alpha for now, but we are making our best to make me a full fledged adult very quickly. To help us, it would be great to have your feedback. You should tell me what you want to see improved, or how I can help you better. This way, very shortly you will have my in your pocket, just the way you want!

I can't wait to work for you. Don't hesitate to try me and to send any requests, suggestions or feedback you may have at .

See you soon my friend!



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