How tech leads save time using Keypup

Being a tech lead is hard. As a tech manager, you’re often expected to handle complex processes, making sure the development workflow flow runs smoothly. You’re the brain of all software operations and the maestro of your team. 

The real issue of a typical development week in a team is efficient communication and accountability. Getting access to information is tough, notifications are fired everywhere but they’re too spammy to be looked at closely. 

Plus, if the items on repositories and tracking tools are not centralized, it takes time to see what’s going on in the project, and a tech lead cannot really afford spending hours on such housekeeping tasks.

As a result, pull requests and issues are piling up and it’s easy for a tech lead to miss critical actions.

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The tech lead is a senior developer that has years of coding experience. Consequently, they accompany the team through their coding process, especially when bugs occur. More often than not, tech leads will also be in charge of merges. It turns out that tech leads only spend 30% of their time coding, 70% being conducting development projects.

We believe that a developer who became a tech lead is still passionate about programming, and even if he brings value to the team because he is experienced, he should have enough coding time. Why cut all the fun of being a developer?

Keypup built solutions for tech leads to thrive on both accounts - management and coding. 

Why? Because as developers, we love to automate tedious work.

Here’s how Keypup helps tech leads reduce wasted time and optimize resources for their Agile project.

A centralized pull request flow

As mentioned earlier, getting access to information for a tech lead is challenging. In a regular sprint, the team members focus on their part of the project, pressured by the deadlines. 

Sometimes, they simply do not look at the systems to check if pull requests are pending their review or not, because once they finish their part, it’s in the reviewers’ hands. And, depending on the size of the Agile project, that’s a lot to handle for the lead! 

To update the systems, the tech lead has to ask each developer which PR is done, it takes time so the tickets are not rapidly processed. And if reviewers do not do their job on time, the team may incur delays, which usually makes everyone quite angry.
So we all understand that having a tool that centralizes all pull requests workflow could be helpful. 

Well, Keypup is here for it. 

It works alongside your usual tools to provide an aggregated and prioritized view of development activities to you and your team members. 

We do not aim at changing your software stack - not at all, but we understand how painful it is for a tech lead to jump across all the apps to see what’s going on in a project.

We designed an Agile Board that permits you to follow up on the progress of your team. No need to go back to GitHub or Jira to see which PRs are ready to be reviewed or to be merged. The best part about it is that both pull requests and issues can be linked and grouped as a unified discussion feed for better clarity.

Also, all team members receive digests on their priorities every morning. So no excuses for the work to be done! You can take actions directly from your Agile board. Comment, review, merge straight from your customizable board.

Agile boards for tech leads

Improving team’s performance based on their own feedback

Who says Agile sprints say retrospectives. It’s a crucial part of development project cycles, as everybody has a voice to share about their experience working with the team about what was good and what has to be improved.

After speaking with some software project maintainers, there seemed to be no fitting retrospective tools for developers, let alone for a team working remotely. 

Nowadays on-site retrospective meetings are rarer as lots of developers are working from home. And let’s be honest, Zoom meetings are not the best place to gather exploitable data.

Keypup retrospective is a fast and efficient tool to automate retrospectives to get detailed, contextualized, usable feedback whilst saving hours in meetings. The retrospective is super easy to schedule and easy to fill‍. When it’s retro time, all project members receive a notification by email to fill the retrospective and when it’s done, you get usable data in a saveable report.

retrospectives - tech lead

Ok ok, Keypup looks nice. As a tech lead, where do I start?

We know that implementing a new tool is not easy, it comes with a whole onboarding process for the whole team. But Keypup is super easy to use, once your apps and projects are connected, you’ll get instant visibility of all your priorities.

All of it to help you produce a good quality code and ship it faster.

Have a look around and try Keypup for free, our teams will be happy to help you get settled. 

We are growing fast, already helping +800 companies to optimize their pull request workflow. Follow our progress, and let’s chat on Twitter.

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