Episode #2 : Our launch on Product Hunt

Hello folks! Here’s episode number 2 of our Product Hunt journey.

If you are just discovering this series, you can read the first episode about our Product Hunt journey here.

In there, I told you a bit about Keypup and why we decided to launch on Product Hunt.

I stopped where we had created our maker profiles and just started taking part in the makers' discussions and topics of the Product Hunt community.

Let’s get right into how we prepared the actual launch.

Hunter or not Hunter?

This question came up quite early in our preparation. A hunter is a person that will feature your product on D-Day. Having an influential Hunter talking about your product can be a huge advantage because a Hunter is active on Product Hunt, generally has a growing community of followers, and may already have posted other projects – a sort of influencer in that community!

Their followers are notified whenever they post a new product, so you have the opportunity to get great visibility for your project.

Certified Hunters on Product Hunt are mentors, members of the Product Hunt actual team, or active makers with plenty of experience on the platform.

Product Hunt allows you to book a call with a list of mentors to get instant feedback and advice on your launching day. It’s a great resource. But at our stage - and bear in mind it was only our first launch - we chose the ‘DIY’ option. We were starting from scratch with a tiny budget, so we did not allocate any of it to having a conversation with a mentor.

At first, we considered one of our advisors to assume this role. However, he was also new to Product Hunt, and we wondered whether the impact would be massive - although he’s a fantastic person, well known in his trade! Besides - in all honesty - we had some doubts about how it technically worked to be hunted… and the Product Hunt platform does not provide a huge deal of explanation on this aspect.

In a nutshell, we decided to hunt Keypup by ourselves - after all, we were here to learn too!

Ship by Product Hunt

A ship page is where to announce the upcoming launch of your product. It’s an important step in your launch preparation because it is an opportunity to collect subscribers and message them for the D-day. It’s a way of building a community and creating content to tease your product release. 

Just like a landing page! Product Hunt allows you to create a page where you can introduce yourself and ask people to fill in their email address to keep in touch with you. 

We did it so, with a fully customized page. This type of content is meant to be personalized, friendly, and catchy, so we did several tries to make sure it would appeal to our target audience.

Keypup Ship Page

Our content marketing strategy

The Keypup team had to make sure that the key elements of our product were clearly understood. And it started with the marketing strategy.

Our main strategy was to take it easy and ask first and foremost for feedback on our product. We did not want the PH community to believe that we came in with THE perfect product, because we know making a great product is a matter of iterations, time, patience, and listening to feedback. We identified problems faced by developers on a daily basis, including but not limited to finding the right balance between actually coding and having to deal with everything surrounding the code production. 

But to start with, we wanted to address a narrower niche of users - the tech leads. Because those are the ones that are the most overwhelmed by team management, admin, and follow-ups.

They often lack visibility on their team progress and we believe using a tool that aggregates all repositories, data feeds and project management tools in one place could give them back some time and clarity.

From a content marketing point of view, we were active on social media, tagging #ProductHunt as much as we could.

We also felt the need to introduce ourselves to the community in an enjoyable, playful way. So, we made a little video to introduce the two co-founders of Keypup. In this video, they talk about the challenge to be an entrepreneur, in a light Keypup-spirited tone. 

The goal for this video was to introduce people to our cause: helping developers submerged with tons of pull requests and issues resolve them more efficiently and with less pain.

Our product presentation: an interactive tour based on Star Wars for bunnies

We did not want to just show screenshots of the Keypup platform… that could just have been plain boring! We wanted the PH community to experience the product - and what better way to do this than through a product tour. So, we created one!

Pull requests wars

We created an interactive tour of Keypup… using a cute parody of Star Wars in which the heroes are Bunnies (and cute on top of that!) and the stars are … Pull Requests! It was good fun to replicate some of the different scenarios in which the users will interact with the Keypup platform.

We created several story segments where users can choose what’s next, and by the same token see what our platform can bring on a daily basis. We enjoyed making this tour and had good feedback for this page! Now if you can’t resist, go have a look and Check out our Product Hunt Landing page.

At this stage, we believed we were ready to launch…. And sure enough, the D-day came. I’ll tell you all about it in our next episode!

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