Bitbucket, the beautiful way

Hey, devs! We are back with another blog about Bitbucket. Last time, we announced our Bitbucket integration with Keypup, explaining how the integration works, the data we collect, and the remote actions Keypup can perform.

Today, we are here to break down how you can make the most of it - and above all, how your experience will become smooth and beautiful! Because let’s be honest, Bitbucket is cool but it can at times be a little difficult to deal with. Finding the right item when needed can be arduous, and a little time-consuming.

So we thought that an alternative way to exploit Bitbucket could do some good.  

After reading this, you’ll seriously consider connecting Bitbucket to our platform… And if you use JIRA with your Bitbucket, you might find yourself in paradise… Just sayin’... 

A clean UI and a nice work overview

Isn’t it nice when everything is organized, sorted, and prioritized? (that can be applied to your closet as well). Early this year, we redesigned our platform to make it much more enjoyable to use for our users, but also for Bitbucket users. 

No need to jump across your apps to find what you are looking for. Keypup’s main objective is to provide you with clarity and efficiency in your development project. 

To achieve this, the Agile board and the Priority Inbox will be your go-to features, providing all information on pull request statuses and reviews.

Bitbucket Jira Keypup gif

Bitbucket + JIRA = perfect match 🔥

JIRA is also a part of the Keypup integrations pack. We know that a lot of developers work using both Bitbucket and JIRA, so why not giving it a try on your Keypup platform and see how simple and beautiful the result is?

Keypup works on top of your usual tools. It means that each action performed on Keypup will be disseminated in your Bitbucket and JIRA and vice-versa of course. You can make a quick reply on items - either a pull request or an issue - directly from the Priority inbox. 

Another great feature is the ability to link your JIRA issues to your Bitbucket pull requests. Simply use the URL or key of your issue in your pull request title (e.g. PROJ-123 for JIRA), description, or in one of your commit messages with a closing keyword. 

Once your JIRA issues are linked, you’ll be able to see in a single card all the items related to your Bitbucket pull request. Trust us, you’ll save a lot of time.

Bitbucket - Priority Inbox

Reporting to your PM has never been that easy 

We know that reporting takes a lot of time. And you could use some more time to focus on your code, right? So we eased the reporting process providing a cool tool to query any development items smoothly with no API. 

The Keypup Data Explorer allows you to easily query pull requests and issue data. You can save these queries as reports. You can find all your JIRA custom fields to perform queries. They will be automatically added to the standard fields. 

One more thing: these reports are dynamic, which means that you don’t need to start over when new items pop up - they’ll be updated automatically.

Your PM will be thrilled. Especially because reports are shareable - so not only can you share them directly with your PM, but also with any of your teammates, so that you track the same things at the same time - and you can collaborate faster. 

Bitbucket - Data Explorer

Now, that’s our take on Bitbucket integration for now. We’d love to hear your thoughts about it! Just send us an email, or let us know by any means you wish. 

If you are not familiar with Keypup yet, what are you still doing here? Try Keypup for free!

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