5 things Developers should do to tackle the end of lockdown

Who would have thought, a few months ago, the unimaginable situation we’re facing today? Well, most of us developers are working from home now. Many of us had to adjust to a new working from home environment in order to survive during lockdown. Some of us probably nailed it, carving out a nice and quiet place to work, but honestly, we felt our world turning upside down during this strange period!

After what felt like an eternity, shops and schools are opening again and life is resuming. However, getting back to normal will take some. Getting back to the office will probably be confusing and the amount of work… stressful.

So, we thought that some tips could help. Here are 5 tips developers should take to be ready for the end of lockdown.

1. Take it easy

If you can, don’t start going to the office full time right away. Getting up early, traffic on the road or a long bus ride... what a nightmare!

Our schedule was upside down during lockdown, but manageable. Avoid pulling an all-nighter to get something done, it will be harmful when you get back to a normal 9 to 5. Take time to sleep, drink (water) and try to keep a healthy lifestyle.

2. Stay connected

While working from home, you probably worked on team projects that involved virtual meetings. As a matter of fact, it is important to keep contact with your peers, especially when you don’t need to talk about business related topics.

Take time to connect with people you haven’t talked to in a while and see how they are doing during the quarantine. You may even find online groups related to your industry and discuss about the devs best practices.

After lockdown, you will be more socially open, it won't be too hard to talk to people again during coffee breaks.

3. Avoid temptation

Between watching Netflix during breaks and deciding whether or not you can stay in your PJs all day (yes yes even the ones with a cute teddy bear on them!), it can be tempting to turn to the dark side and procrastinate!

Sun is shining, friends text to ask if you want to go out, now that the lockdown is over… But you still have lots of work to do! Just like you did during quarantine, don't hesitate to arrange your schedule to preserve some 'me-time' for yourself!

4. Healthy life is good for the brain!

You won’t learn this from us… you need to regularly workout! Working out allows you to keep anxiety and stress away. So put that chocolate bar down and go for a run.

How about cooking lessons? There are plenty of tutorials to eat more healthy.

Resuming bad habits like eating junk food for lunch is out. Prepare to come back to the office with your homemade lunch box and shine among your peers!

5. Simplify the way you work, get a virtual assistant.

Now that you succeeded in navigating a new work environment, why not try a new way of working?

We don’t talk about working on a couch instead of a desk chair, no… but how about you find a tool that kills notification spamming, aggregates all your repositories into one place and helps you work efficiently? In this case, you will probably save quite some time with your admin tasks and finally focus more on your code.

Well, that’s what Keypup does.

We created a virtual assistant that gathers all your repo and dev tools to create a unified and prioritized feed. What’s more, you can remotely take action through Keypup, and see the results disseminated in all your various tools.

Interested ? We would love to have you onboard - and don't worry, it's free. For real. Try Keypup now by signing up here.

And good luck with the return to the office !

Keep calm and keep up with your code

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