3 reasons why freelance developers should use Keypup

Hey there, today we’ll be discussing the use of Keypup as a solo developer.

The good thing about Keypup is that it suits all kinds of development teams, big or small, development agencies, and... freelancers. You are a development team and you don’t know about us yet? Start here.

Being a freelancer is rewarding, as you get the work done by yourself. You get diversity with your clients and you tailor your software solution for each of them. A freelancer has to juggle different client projects - and of course, multiple priorities.

It’s challenging to stay on top of all these projects and deliver great work on time. But it’s a part of the exciting journey that is to be an entrepreneur. (whoop whoop)

We know though that working as a freelance developer comes with some struggles. Finding interesting contracts, maintaining good communication with the clients, delivering on time while updating technical skills. Indeed, working on different development projects in parallel can be tough. Each project has its own rules, process, tools and workflows. 

Not to even mention agile projects… where you know when you start, but not really when you will be done! 

Here we’ll explain how Keypup can help. We believe that you can consolidate your projects’ data and save tens of hours of work (no kidding, our users say it, not us).

All your clients’ projects data in one feed

We understand that working with multiple clients requires organization and time management. Sometimes you may not be as productive as you want to be, and it’s ok! However, all these little pesky notifications won’t go anywhere unless you dismiss them.

The purpose of Keypup is to facilitate oversight on all projects. See everything from anywhere in one place, so that you won’t miss anything. It works like a little virtual assistant if you prefer. 

When a pull request is opened, it appears in your Priority Inbox that works a bit like a Gmail inbox. We aggregate both your code repositories and tracking tools to provide you with a nice and clean feed, sorted by labels, criticality, and deadline. Simple, but really efficient: you get to see what you need exactly when you need to see it. Bye bye notification spamming!


As our default setting might not suit your needs, you can totally configure the prioritization rules and get your own assistant, truly.

 See? Keypup works for you on your terms.

Set your actions quickly

When you work with an external partner, you might have access to multiple tools to update the project. Jumping across tools is time-consuming - without mentioning the key information you might miss -  and sometimes you don’t remember if a PR has been merged or not. Lacking overall visibility can slow the delivery of your solution. And you don’t want that!

Keypup simplifies the delivery process by allowing you to directly take remote actions from the platform.

On the Review and Merge board, you can see all your pull requests and take actions on them. Our system will take care of disseminating the action in the native tools. Cool, eh?

What’s more, you don’t even have to go back to Keypup to merge a PR. We created Keybot (our Slack bot) to alert you when an action is requested, and merge it for you in one click directly from Slack.

But that’s not all Keybot is about. He sends you daily summaries of your actions to get you started on the right foot. Ask him about the project progress and metrics and he’ll be happy to chat. Remember when we said Keypup is a bit like a virtual assistant? Well, with the help of Keybot, it really is.


Sync multiple Jira accounts at the same time

Well,  that’s a brand new feature. Because so far we haven’t seen it anywhere.

For the moment, it’s impossible to link multiple client sites in your Jira account. This is frustrating as a freelance developer, as you have to connect to each Jira client account to work on tickets.

In Keypup, you can connect as many sites as you want and see them as a unique, consolidated set of activities.

This way, you are sure to stay on top of all priorities across all your clients and projects, and to never miss important information or a deadline. 

Want to know more about this feature? Jump in here.

Being a freelancer is awesome. You work at your own pace and decide where you want to work from.

Keypup is not here to tell you what tools you should use or how you have to do your job. Not at all! We’re just here to give you a little productivity boost and help you keep your clients happy.

Not convinced yet? We help thousands of developers deliver their software seamlessly. Want good news? Keypup is forever free for freelance developers. We got so much to offer for your daily routine. So just try Keypup!
Happy to chat on Twitter!

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