10 pro tips for developers we found on Twitter

Being a software developer is really cool, you get to learn something every day. The developer community is active and supportive, far from the stereotypes some no developers may have.

It’s all about hard work. The best part (or worse?) is that we can spend hours on the same issue.

We often scroll through Twitter. We found out some good coding tips we thought we could share with you. Whether you are a junior developer or a senior developer, here are 10 pro tips we found on Twitter.

1. If only we could go back

2. How to download attributes

3. 5 Useful GitHub Repositories Every JavaScript Developer Should Know

4. How to read a git repository in VSCode without cloning it

5. A thread of daily coding tips

6. Sometimes, a SO joke worths a thousand pro tips

7. How to check if the data coming as an object from an API is not empty

8. A better alternative is to use React Fragments

9. Lambdas pro tip

10. A virtual assistant that do the work for you

We hope that you learned something new! Let us know if you liked this type of content so we can make more!

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