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What data do we collect?
Users: we fetch the IDs and timezones of users having access to your Slack workspace. We do not fetch personal data such as names and email addresses.
Actions, priorities and reminders
Morning digest: Keypup users on Slack receive a morning digest every day at 9:05am with the top priorities of their Priority Inbox.
Merge recommendations: When pull requests are mergeable, have a green build and have been approved, Keybot will send a notification to project maintainers and propose to merge them.
Asking questions to Keybot: You can ask questions to Keybot to get an update on pull requests and issues.

Security matters!

Keypup does not fetch, copy, duplicate, modify or store any parts of your source code. Keypup only accesses metadata such as pull requests, issues, milestones etc.

Our products support single sign on (SSO) via the repositories for authentication. It is the only way for users to access the Keypup platform.

We understand that security is critical, and we follow best practices and strict procedures to keep our systems, and your data, safe. We perform regular penetration testing and audits of Keypup and its infrastructure.

See our full security policy here

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